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‘Fear of clowns on the rise in Ireland as Stephen King’s ‘It’ makes comeback’ – psychologist


An Irish hypnosis clinic is experiencing a surge in the number of people requesting help to conquer their coulrophobia – or fear of clowns – with the release of the Stephen King film “It” this month.

'The mind splits in two' - Irish hypnotist explains how he convinces people to do bizarre things

‘The mind splits in two’ – Irish hypnotist explains how he convinces people to do bizarre things”
An Irish hypnotist has been making waves online after sharing the bizarre things he made wedding guests do under hypnosis.

'Waffles, flying and seaweed' - the bizarre phobias that drive people to seek hypnosis

An Irish hypnotist has revealed some of the bizarre phobias he has been asked to treat, as part of a unique wave of therapy dubbed “the new mindfulness.”

Jason O’Sullivan claims to be Ireland’s only hypnotist who can perform “clinical hypnosis”, as well as on-stage hypnosis for entertainment.

Luas driver who dropped 6 stone through hypnosis: ‘I was sceptical at first but I feel as though I’ve had a gastric band’

Keith pictured before and after.

Luas driver Keith Devlin (28) dropped more than six stone in less than six months following three sessions with Irish hypnotist Jason O’Callaghan.

San Franciso Gate Article

  • Entertainer Jason O’Callaghan had this wedding guest running around in search of his favorite star.Wedding guest Nathan volunteered to participate in Jason’s show and was hypnotized. When asked who his favorite star was, Nathan revealed it was Conor McGregor. Jason made him believe the UFC fighter was in the room and poor Nathan set off in search of him. Credit: Jason O’Callaghan via Storyful Media: Jason O’Callaghan via Storyful


Hypnotherapist claims he can give Conor McGregor the tools to beat Floyd Mayweather

Psychologist Jason O’Callaghan has guaranteed that Conor McGregor won’t lose his fight with Floyd Mayweather if he undergoes hypnosis. Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Jason O’Callaghan, says he will use the same method of hypnosis on McGregor as Tony Quinn used on boxer Steve Collins to beat world champion Chris Eubank in 1995.

'You are a hero': Man’s Vegas honeymoon is saved after Irish passenger hypnotises him in London airport

Dublin-based psychologist Jason O’Callaghan.

A British man who suffered a severe panic attack minutes before boarding a flight to Las Vegas for his honeymoon survived take-off after being hypnotised by an Irish psychologist in Gatwick Airport.

How To Remove The Fear Of Flying With Hypnosis

Flying after hypnosis

Flying after hypnosis


Jason O’Callaghan, who runs The D4 Clinic in Blackrock in Dublin, Ireland hypnotized the groom in front of amazed Virgin Atlantic staff and managed to get him on the flight.


A Dublin psychologist says hypnosis can help McGregor beat Mayweather

The name Jason O’Callaghan might ring a bell to you from a viral story he was involved in last year.Jason is an award winning psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist who owns the D4 Clinic in Blackrock.

Newlywed who refused to board plane has fear of flying cured by stranger he met at the BOARDING GATE

James Roberts wth his saviour, hypnotherapist Jason O'Callaghan

James Roberts wth his saviour, hypnotherapist Jason O’Callaghan

James Roberts was in floods of tears as he refused to get on the flight with his bride Sarah, then a hypnotherapist who happened to be on the same flight stopped and saved their holiday.

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With a video reconstruction of the events.

Newlywed with crippling fear of flying talked down from airport panic attack by passing hypnotist

Jason, who was heading to LA for his sister’s wedding, offered to help the distressed pair by putting petrified postman James, 34, into a trance. Stunned staff couldn’t believe their eyes when the groom flipped from hysterics to a picture of serenity in minutes.

Newlywed is cured of his flying fear just in time for his honeymoon after bumping into a hypnotist

Mr O’Callaghan, who runs the D4 Clinic in Dublin, said: ‘I had an idea what was up when I saw James and he asked me to help him.’ On the flight home, Mr Roberts – who isn’t permanently cured of his fear – listened to a voice recording of Mr O’Callaghan’s voice to get him through.

Honeymooner James Roberts cured of fear of flying by hypnotist Jason O'Callaghan on honeymoon at airport

A man running late for the same flight rushed up to the boarding gate, and, after noticing that James was in a distressed state, introduced himself. The stranger turned out to be renowned hypnotherapist Jason O’Callaghan, who was on his way out to Sin City for his sister’s wedding.

The Phobic Four: Rocking a rollercoaster

Una Mullally was treated by Jason on her fear of rollercoasters.

Una Mullally was treated by Jason on her fear of rollercoasters.

Armed with a free hour and a whole bunch of cynicism, I head off to Jason O’Callaghan in the D4 Clinic. O’Callaghan is a former Sunday Independent journalist turned hypnotist. And I have to say, you don’t get to type that sentence too often.

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