The Irish Rat Pack/Wedding Knights Band

Welcome to the home of the Irish Rat Pack/Wedding Knights band and our new band

The Speakeasy Swing Band


Live Performances

Whiskey Fair


9pm Friday 10th July

9pm Friday 17th July

9pm Friday 24th July

Rockabill Restaurant

41 Strand Street Skerries

9pm Sat 11th July

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For availability and quotes please contact our exclusive agent

Audio Networks on 01 2013660

We guarantee a full dancefloor


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Why have over 1,000 couples picked us to perform at their weddings in Ireland over the past 10 years?

Because we want your wedding band to be as much fun as you do. Our wedding band won’t let you down and we guarantee a full dance floor.

Getting Married or having an Event in Ireland?


Then you need to ask yourself a few questions first so you don’t get let down on the day of your wedding or event?

  • Do you want peace of mind that the entertainment for your event or wedding will be on time, dress to suit the event, keep your guests happy and more then anything not cancel on you at the last minute?
  • Do you want to be able to book your entertainment via Ireland’s top entertainment agent who stands over every booking?
  • Do you want the entertainment for your wedding or event to be the same you see online or at a show to be the exact same as who turns up at your event or wedding?
  • Then you need to book Jason O’Callaghan and his show to guarantee your wedding or event runs perfectly
  • Over the past ten years he has performed at over 1,000 concerts, black tie charity dinners, society weddings and events and guarantees to make your event a success.
  • Click on our testimonials page to read reviews from countless wedding couples who have book the wedding band of the year before you.
  • View our videos below online, no tricks, no auto-tuning or music playing over video footage, just real musicians in a real wedding band and real comedy with Jason’s comedy hypnosis show. The same high levels you will get on the night of your event or wedding.
  • Available in whichever line up you need. From stand alone comedy hypnosis show to full concert.
  • For weddings we provide church music, drinks reception music, 4/6 piece band (either a mix with Wedding Knights or full swing show with The Irish Rat Pack, comedy hypnosis spot, followed DJ)
  • Nationwide travel, tailored show to suit you, full day and nights entertainment
  • Call Suzy or Faye now for a quote for your date on 01 2013660 or email mentioning Jason O’Callaghan’s show

“I guarantee a full dance floor for your event or wedding, with either laughter if its comedy hypnosis or dancing if its music you need” Jason O’Callaghan

(The Wedding Knights/The Irish Rat Pack band)

Jason and his band have been the brides choice for 1,000 weddings

Jason and his band have been the brides choice for 1,000 weddings.

Jason O’Callaghan has been performing since 2002 when he founded The Irish Rat Pack. He has performed at over 1,000 events both as a singer with his live band or on his own with his comedy hypnosis show.

He guarantees a fun night of comedy, music and craic for your special event or wedding unlike anything else you or your guests have seen before and is a must for any event. He can offer you a choice of two styles of band (The Wedding Knights Wedding Band covering all styles of music or The Irish Rat Pack Swing Band).



For corporate bookings, conferences, seminars, comedy bookings or performances contact Jason O’Callaghan’s exclusive agent at Audio Networks – Suzy / Faye at: + 353 (0)1 201 3660 or email:

click here for the Comedy Hypnosis Show page
Find the right band for your wedding or event
Booking the perfect wedding band can be a tough call for most brides and grooms. Wedding bands in Ireland come in all shapes and sizes. You have corporate bands trying their band at the wedding market in Ireland, you have pub bands trying and you have young start up bands chancing their arm at the wedding market. However, it is a very specialized market as the band at your wedding can make or break it. The first thing to do is email as many bands as you can plus agencies to see who is free and what they charge. Then watch their videos and then arrange over a few weeks to see as many as you can. Take into account you are seeing them either at showcase or pub so its not going to be the same as a wedding but it will give you an idea. I would also recommend talking to the band at the showcase. make sure you can get on and work with them. Make sure the band you see are the band you are getting on the night of your wedding. Make sure they include everything in the price of the wedding such as travel costs, meals and pa/lighting. Pay a deposit to secure your date and price. Email everything to them and get replies so you have everything in writing. The amount of bands who we hear about who let couples down due to getting more money on another gig is shameful. We work via Audio Networks so all our bookings go via them, they like us will stand over all bookings of our band to ensure your wedding or event is perfect. Dressing to suit the event, turning up on time, being professional and as helpful as possible and ensuring of course that the dance floor is full for your wedding or event. That’s why I think we are the best wedding band in Ireland. But, call into our office or visit us at a showcase to see this first hand. I look forward to working with you on your wedding and making sure we stand over our name as the wedding band of the year in Ireland.